Leiden Privé House Rules

At Leiden Privé you are welcome to enjoy an exclusive ambience and experience that one ultimate erotic experience. But for the success of your erotic date, it is important that you observe our house rules. If you behave in accordance with this, we guarantee you an exciting time and lots of fun during your stay in our private home. We look forward to seeing you!


It is strictly forbidden to have unsafe sex with our ladies. Condom use is mandatory.


We reserve the right to refuse you if we suspect that you are under the influence of narcotics.


We use an anti-drug policy. Soft and hard drugs are strictly forbidden.


We do not tolerate aggression or violence against our ladies or our staff. In such cases, we always call in the police.


It is not allowed to exchange personal data with our ladies. We ensure that your anonymity and privacy, as well as that of your lady, is guaranteed.


We expect you to behave respectfully. In addition, we also appreciate it if you have spent time or want to spend time in the room on your personal hygiene (hand washing, brushed teeth, washed body).


A sex worker may always refuse a customer or a sexual act.